Marcus DeLarge is a graduate of St. Augustine High School and Xavier University of Louisiana, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a minor in French. While a student at Xavier Marcus served as an executive board member for Students for Environmental Justice and became a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.. He also interned at the law firm of Scheuermann & Jones gaining invaluable experience that would help fortify his commitment to pursuing a legal career.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Marcus knew that his most important responsibility was to support the city of New Orleans as it began to rebuild. He made the decision that prior to attending law school he would support his alma mater by teaching history and economics, as well as serving as an athletic coach.

Upon finishing his commitment to St, Augustine, Marcus attended Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, becoming a distinguished member and Vice President of the Student Bar Association. During his final year of law school, Marcus was a vital part of the Criminal Law Clinic, where he worked on behalf of the most marginalized and under resourced clients in the Baton Rouge area, and gaining important trial experience.

Having completed his Doctorate of JurisPrudence, Cum Laude from the Southern University Law Center and admittance to the Louisiana Bar Association, he began to pursue his passion for criminal law, serving as an Orleans Parish Assistant District Attorney. Following his tenure at the District Attorney’s office, Marcus returned to his alma mater, St. Augustine High School, serving as Director of Athletics and Activities while working to build the criminal defense firm DeLarge Law and Associates.

Marcus has since worked tirelessly to become the knowledgeable, committed, and experienced trial attorney he is today while still supporting the community that helped shape who he is, working as a full-time criminal defense attorney. He often works alongside John T. Fuller, another leading name criminal defense, representing clients throughout the state of Louisiana and in Federal Court.

Marcus’s biggest accomplishment is the family he has built alongside his wife Angele DeLarge over the past 11 years. They are the parents to Marcus (9) and Mackenzie (6) and have committed their personal and professional lives to supporting and uplifting our community and its members. It is that commitment to New Orleans that has led Marcus to ask for your trust in electing him as Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge for Section K. 



St. Augustine High School

Southern University Law Center

Xavier University of Louisiana

Université Sainte Anne


Managing Partner & Trial Attorney - DeLarge Law & Associates, LLC

Trial Attorney - John T. Fuller & Associates, LLC

Assistant District Attorney - Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office

Director of Athletics and Activities - St. Augustine High School

Educator and Coach - St. Augustine High School

Program Associate - Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson, LLP

Scheuermann & Jones Law Firm-Intern


Louisiana State Bar Association

Board Member - Homer A. Plessy Community Schools

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Bunch Club


Fairness, Equity and accountability

If elected my courtroom will be one of integrity and I will work to implement practices and develop opportunities to increase equity in my court to best serve our community. Everyone deserves to engage with the criminal justice system in a manner that is respectful of victims, witnesses, and the accused regardless of race, gender, and/or sexual orientation. 

Increased Quality Supports

In addition to supporting the use of special courts and increasing alternatives to incarceration, my goal is to develop a collective community investment committed to increasing opportunities for long term rehabilitation and success. 

The goal  is for those participating in alternative to incarceration programs and/or on parole leave with a high school diploma, trade, and/or skill increasing the ability to be economically stable benefiting both the participant and community as a whole. 

Community Investment in Rehabilitation

My responsibility if elected is to ensure that my courtroom  will be a a place for justice. I am dedicated to working alongside and learning from experts in the areas of mental health, restorative justice, victims rights, trauma informed practices to best support practices that will be of the greatest benefit to the betterment of our community.

100 Days

Fairness, Equity, and Accountability 
Conducting reviews of case files and identify trends to ensure attorney practices and conduct are always in the pursuit of justice. 

Utilizing and advocating for the increased use of Bench Cards that contains questions and considerations for judges to review prior to proceedings and prior to sentencing individuals.

Mandating and participating in implicit bias training include making immediate shifts when necessary as well as creating long term goals and solutions. 

Collecting and analyzing data regarding both prosecutorial decisions as well as my own decision-making to identify identify trends that could impact equitable engagement in the judicial process. 
Community  Investment and Rehabilitation
Create opportunities for collaboration between service organizations, community members, business leaders, as well the formerly incarcerated with the goal of identifying the best ways to increase access to programs that provide re-entry support, educational opportunities, and vocational training, for individuals on parole and/or participating in alternative to incarceration programs.

Supporting and investing in jobs training, education, drug treatment and mental health programs that are provided by local stakeholders with a proven record of success.
INCREASED quality supports    
Ensuring my courtroom provides information and access to the best programs that address community justice matters and increase opportunities for healing.  

Supporting victims of crime and identifying the best resources for various needs to support their reintegration as well. 

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